H.elping E.levate S.portsmanship

Please donate $26 for our 26th Season.
For the past 26 years H.E.S. Sports Cub has changed lives and brought communities together.  With the help of a few kind hearted and concerned community volunteers, we work hard to show youth that their possibilities in life are limitless.  Through sports, we teach life skills that will be used as youth navigate their way into adulthood.
Our goal this year is to raise $5.000 to offset the costs of our sponsored spring /summer events and our six teams costs (gym fees, uniforms, tournament fees, etc.)  Ultimately we would like to offer free services to all our members year round. By combining your contributions and other fundraisers , we are sure we can meet our goal.

LOOKING TO  DONATE  by way of paypal.

 Thank you in advance for you donation

Please contact us at  if you have any question.